We are frequently involved in the purchase and sale and financing of real estate and other kinds of property and businesses. We represent sellers, purchasers, borrowers and lenders. Yes, we get the deal done and we get it done on time. True representation in these areas however, requires more from the lawyer. We know what is important to clients and what is peripheral. We are accurate but do not waste a client’s time and money by hyperventilating over nits and nats.

Our transactional work is influenced and measured by our experience in business litigation. Basically, we take to heart what Jeremy Bentham said long ago: “property and law are born and must die together.” We know what is important in the documents that we prepare or that our clients are asked to sign. As is the case with the rest of our practice, we focus on what is important for the client. It all boils down to providing good, useful advice. Regardless of the practice area—that is always our focus.

As part of this practice area we represent condominium associations, developers and unit owners. In fact, we represent some of the largest condominium associations in Maine. We also handle variety of complex (some would say, esoteric) real estate matters with garden variety matters thrown in for good measure.